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      防卡死油lusin lub PM1001

      六 9, 2013   //   by admin   //   潤滑油  //  0 評論

      High temperature paste with synthetic base oil3


      1. resistant to high pressure
      2. resistant to high temperatures – thermally conductive
      3. prevents seizure

      Typical Performance Characteristics


      LUSIN? LUB PM 1001 is a high-temperature lubricating and assembly paste with a synthetic base oil and a combination of inorganic solid lubricants especially resistant to high temperatures. ?This paste ensures lubrication and is resistant to high temperatures.?LUSIN? LUB PM 1001 is thermally conductive and prevents seizure. The spray contains an environmentally compatible propellant.


      Lubricant for screw connections subject to high temperatures and pressures.?Prevents seizure, e.g. in injection molding machines, nozzles, plasticizing cylinders, exhaust manifolds, spark plugs, worm tips.?For the lubrication of low-speed bearings (thin-film lubrication), chains, eccentric units, spindles, etc. Heat-conductive and assembly paste for the plastics industry (thermo-elements, cartridge heaters in injection molding machines, screw connections in extruder heads).

      Release agent for high temperatures.

      Application notes

      Clean and degrease the surface. Apply a thin layer of paste on the entire surface and rub it in slightly. Apply a thin and even layer by spraying.

      Shelf life:?approx. 12 months

      Storage / Handling

      For further information on storage, handling, hazards, etc. please refer to safety data sheet.


      paste 130 g tube

      paste 1500 g can Code No: 254020- spray 400 ml (12 cans/box) Code No: 151020


      Light greypage1image22656

      Density, DIN 51 757, at 20°C, g/ml, approx.



      Further Information

      Request information on our complete range of materials for this industry.