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      lusin clean 1010

      六 9, 2013   //   by admin   //   產品介紹, 螺桿清洗料  //  0 評論
      Ready-to-use granulate purging compound for screws, cylinders, nozzles and hotrunner systems during processing of PMMA(針對PMMA的碳化和黑點的清洗)。



      Lusin? Clean 1010 is a ready-to-use purging compound that is specially developed for the processing of PMMA. The compound consists of high grade plastics with high efficient cleaning additives and doesn’t contain any abrasives. The product is completely miscible with PMMA and doesn’t generate any milky traces. Lusin? Clean 1010 can be used at processing temperatures up to 300°C.

      Typical Properties


      Lusin? Clean 1010 is suitable for colour and material change as well as for removal of black spot contaminations and carbon residues especially on transparent parts.

      We recommend the following cleaning procedure:

      1. Dosage – refer to table
      2. Empty cylinder
      3. Fill hopper with Lusin? Clean 1010. Cleaning temperature as for processing of previous material.
      4. Plasticize Lusin? Clean 1010 through the cylinder. For very resistant contamination a clean time of 3-5 minutes is appropriate
      5. Fill the new material into the hopper. Adjust machine parameters and restart production.
      6. In case of hotrunner systems the double amount of Lusin? Clean 1010 is recommended.

      Dosage table


      1. Especially dedicated for the cleaning of PMMA
      2. No smell during application
      3. No contamination of the following parts
      4. Removes residues and encrustations
      5. Suitable for hotrunner systems
      6. No generation of milky traces
      Screw diameter (mm) ?Approx.quantity of Lusin? Clean 1010 (Kg)
      30 0,4
      40 0,8
      60 1,4
      80 2,5
      100 5
      120 9,5
      140 15


      Storage / Handling

      Store in sealed delivery packing in a dry indoor area at normal room temperature.?For further information on storage, handling, hazards, etc. please refer to safety data sheet.

      Shelf life:?Approx. 2 years

      Packaging:?25 kg bag

      art. no.: 273120

      The information contained in this document is given in good faith based on our current knowledge. It is only an indication and in no way binding, particularly as regards infringement of or prejudice to third party rights through the use of our products. Chem-Trend warrants only that it’s products will meet it’s sales specifications. This information must on no account be used as a substitute for necessary prior tests which alone can ensure that a product is suitable for a given use. Users are requested to check that they are in possession of the latest version of this document and Chem-Trend is at their disposal to supply any additional information.

      Appearance Yellowish granules


      Further Information

      Request information on our complete range of materials for this industry.