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      脫模劑lusin alro O153S

      六 9, 2013   //   by admin   //   食品級系列  //  0 評論

      Lusin? Alro O 153 S

      Universal silicone release agent for plastic and rubber processing at mould temperature up to 150 °C


      1. suitable for use in foodstuff applications – for mould temperatures up to 150 °C
      2. easy demould
      3. wide range of applications
      4. can also be used as a lubricant – multiple demould

      Product description

      The release agent is based on colourless and odorless non-reactive silicone oils (dimethyl siloxanes).

      Special properties:

      1. solvent free
      2. good release and slip effect
      3. long cycle times (multiple demould) – approved for foodstuff applications

      Shelf life:?2 years

      Storage / Handling

      For further information on storage, handling, hazards, etc. please refer to safety data sheet.

      Packaging,?spray can 400 ml ( 12 cans/carton) Code No.: 001070

      The test certificate of the German Material Research and Test Institute (BAM) for an external release agent for the production of plastic articles for foodstuff use is available.


      As a multiple demould release agent for processing of thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers (except for silicone rubber).?As a release agent and lubricant for printing, foodstuff and packaging applications. As a lubricant and polish for rubber and plastics parts.?A fine film should be applied to the clean mould surface taking particular care to cover edges and undercuts.?When used as a polish a fine film should be applied to the surface of the part. Do not use on parts which are to be finished laquering, galvanising).


      Further Information

      Request information on our complete range of materials for this industry.