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      潤滑油lusin lub o32f

      六 16, 2013   //   by admin   //   潤滑油  //  0 評論


      Lubricant and Release Agent with 100 % active ingredient4


      1. 100% active ingredient
      2. Highly effective
      3. Dilutable with water
      4. silicone-free- solvent free
      5. Environmental friendly
      6. NSF Registered according to H1category code
      7. 2002/72/EU compliantDescription

      Lusin? Lub O 32 F can be used as lubricant or release agent in the production of products that have incidental food contact. Lusin? Lub O 32 F applied on a die e.g. blown film application reduces the build up during production. If Lusin? Lub O 32 F is applied to the outside surface of PET preforms it reduces scratches to the plastic surfaces occurring during transport and handling to an absolute minimum. Diluted with water Lusin? Lub O 32 F can be sprayed to warm or hot molds and work as a release agent. Application to cold molds is not recommended as the material contains in its diluted version water which will take a long time at room temperature to evaporate.

      Lusin? Lub O 32 F is self emulsifying when mixed with water.

      Typical Properties


      In terms of lubrication of the outside surface of PET preforms Lusin? Lub O 32 F should be diluted with deionised water in a ratio of 1 + 5. For the dilution the required amount of Lusin? Lub O 32 F should be added to deionised water and the mixture constantly

      stirred using a stirrer. During this process the color of

      For superior lubrication applications with incidental food contact Lusin? Lub O 32 F should not be diluted. The product is also suitable as release agent in the thermoplastic processing industry. The mould temperature should not exceed 200°C in terms of injection molding, for film applications the die temperature should not exceed 240°C.

      In case of a mold application with the ready to use material the minimum temperature of the mold should be not below 80°C to ensure that water can evaporate.

      Storage / Handling

      For further information on storage, handling, hazards, etc. please refer to safety data sheet.

      Shelf life:?Approx. 24 months as 100% active ingredient. In case of a dilution with water on site max 2 month.

      Packaging:?1l, 20 l, 200 l, truck load upon request. art. no. 905167


      Yellow liquid


      0,98 – 1,02 g/ml


      120 – 170 mPas



      Lusin? Lub O 32 F turns from yellow into white.

      The information contained in this document is given in good faith based on our current knowledge. It is only an indication and in no way binding, particularly as regards infringement of or prejudice to third party rights through the use of our products. Chem-Trend warrants only that it’s products will meet it’s sales specifications. This information must on no account be used as a substitute for necessary prior tests which alone can ensure that a product is suitable for a given use. Users are requested to check that they are in possession of the latest version of this document and Chem-Trend is at their disposal to supply any additional information.